Department Training

Cochran Fire & Emergency Services training division supports a safe working environment for all CF&ES employees by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their jobs safely and effectively. These activities range from in-service training on new techniques and equipment to on-going training to meet recertification requirements for state and federal agencies.

In-Service Training

All CF&ES full-time firefighters are required to complete a minimum 196 hours of training per year. In addition, they must complete a minimum 24 hours of continuing education approved by the Georgia firefighters standards and training council.

In addition firefighters are required to complete additional driver training. Company officers and chief officers also must complete additional supervisory training each year. Fire inspectors, Investigators, and Fire and Life Safety Educators are required to complete continuing education requirements and successfully complete core competency evaluations.

Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Council requires each Georgia firefighter to demonstrate proficiency in all of the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Fire-ground Operations
  • General Firefighting Skills
  • Prevention and Preparedness

In addition, each firefighter must complete 24 hours of approved continuing education to meet the requirements and advance the firefighter's level of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Firefighters must meet this requirement in order to maintain their certification.

Cochran Fire & Emergency Services goes above and beyond this requirement, CF&ES requires 196 hours of training for full-time staff, and 96 hours of training for volunteers.

All in-service training is entered into the target solutions database.

Training Grounds

Our training grounds are currently under construction; we currently have a 3 story tower, 2 story burn building, roof prop, vehicle fire prop, and a pressurized container prop.